Category: Digital Art

portrait study

Digital series. Here I did a classical study of a woman’s head. I usually prefer more lose style, but once on a while want to keep myself in check with proper props, shadowing and etc. It was a 2 day work and very much mind and hand tiring. I am almost glad it’s over lol.…

Dark light

this is from today. I wanted something different, more “edgy” , something emotional and light and dark at the same time. It was quite challenging for me, but I gave it a shot. The ref image is by in DA.

Dark Edith

This is my painting from tonight. It was fun drawing it, even though I had to correct the body props about 10 times till I got to the desired shapes. The artwork is part of my dark digital series. The ref I used is by Marcus Ranum

portrait of a man

this is my latest portrait. Here I used a ref image from WC gallery , then I made my own stuff. Anyway, I usually work on very toned down backgrounds, without penetrating light, but this time I tried an experiment. I think it worked.

classic male study

I just finished this painting today. The hand gave a bit of a trouble as usual. It had to be redrawn about 5 times until I got the desired shape.As a ref image I used one of Shane Smith’s classic photos. The link to his site is here: Any critiques & comments to my…

Project Cyborg

Here I was trying different things. I wanted something futuristic and at the same time not so crazy. And here is the result. The ref image , I used for my drawing is based on:

Nude study/ male

Nude study of a male. Digital drawing, I created based on a ref image by : took me about couple days for this one. I had to redraw the hands and feet several times until I got to the right props.