Category: Digital Art

Fallen Angels II

Here is my second surreal drawing of the series Fallen Angles. It’s a classical study on a heavy construction paper with a graphite pencil, then colored and shaded in PS CS5. My reference is from Gfriedberg gallery on DA. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Queen of Spades

This is the beginning of my new digital series Queen of Spades. It was challenging for me, because I haven’t gone to my LD studio in a month and my hand got a bit rusty lol for painting. Since I don’t have a studio at home and I need to put more practise, elsewhere, I…

Dark Ophelia series – II

my newest digital painting. Reference used by Darquette – DA.I decided to continue with Dark Ophelia series.The painting was finished this afternoon, and I meant to include an animal into it, but somehow, it was left out lol. May be in Dark Ophelia III…

The Dresser

I am back again with my digital series. And back to my old style. Here is a painting with a ref from Photoport on DA.2 days of work, but this is the fastest I go on this lol.